Usage of this software free for non commercial applications. The author reserves all rights.

mcmTheater programs can be executed as applets, as applications, or screen saver programs. The screen saver functionality is implementd by Sun Microsystem's SaverBeans Screensaver Pack.

It is recommended to download the complete startup kit, which includes mcmTheater package, as well as most example programs from the Step By Step section of this web site. It contains a copy of Sun Microsystem's saverbeans package on which the screensaver capabilities of the mcmTheater package relies. A copy of the DrJava programming environment is included along with project files, to help compile the mcmTheater sources, the included examples, and an additional simple mcmTheater actor, that can be used as a starting point for user development. Please refer to the statup package's README file for further infotmation.

Startup Kit   startup kit;
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Java 1.4

  mcmTheater.jar   jar file containing all mcmTheater classes
  mcmTheater-saverbeans-api.jar   jar file containing all mcmTheater classes as well as all files from Sun Microsystem's SaverBeans Screensaver Pack

Sources   mcmTheater Java sources

ScreenSaver Executable   An mcm theater screensaver for windows showing off a series of actors. Compiled with Sun Microsystems 1.4.2 Java compiler.