These directories contain example Actors that use the mcmTheater package, see mcmTheater. The software is distributed free of charge for non commercial users, see COPYING.

DrJava Development Tool

To learn how to develop actors with DrJava, see README_DrJava.html.

Compile and Run from the command line

To compile the two distributed packages, use:

javac -cp mcmTheater-saverbeans-api.jar mcmUser 
javac -cp mcmTheater-saverbeans-api.jar theaterEx 
To execute and actor from the commmand line use:
java -cp .:mcmTheater-saverbeans-api.jar -actor <ACTORNAME>
where actor name is the fully qualified name of a For example, to run the actor defined in mcmUser/startup/ do:
java -cp .:mcmTheater-saverbeans-api.jar -actor mcmUser.startup.ZigZagStar