This startup kit is part of the MCM Theater package which is freely available for non commercial use at All materials are copyrighted by Monika Mevenkamp.

For more info on this Startup Kit see README.

How To Compile and Run with DrJava ...

DrJava was developed expressly for teaching purposes at Rice University in Houston, TX. It is a small, yet powerful Java programming environment, and does not distract the beginning user with a host of features. This startup kit contains a copy DrJava and two DrJava project files. Do not move DrJava or the project files to other locations. DrJava uses its own location to determine where to search for Java files. project


The ZigZagStar.pjt project contains only one Java actor: mcmUser.startup.ZigZagStar. To open the project start the DrJava executable.

From the Project menu choose Open Project and open the ZigZagStar.pjt file. You should see the mcmUser folder/package listed under [Source Files], under mcmUser you should see the startup package, and under startup the Java file Clicking on it opens the Java file, mcmUser\startup\; it contains a simple mcmTheater actor.

To compile choose Compile Project from the Project menu. You can execute the actor after successful compilation, which is announced by a message in the Compiler Output pane.

To execute enter the following command in the Interactions pane at the bottom:

 java -actor mcmUser.startup.ZigZagStar
A new window pops up and you should see a ZigZagStar actor executing.


The folder/package theaterEx contains the examples from the setpByStep section on the mcmtheater website.

From the Project menu choose Open Project and open the theaterEx.pjt file. You should see the theaterEx folder/package listed under [Source Files] and several subpackages under theaterEx which in turn contain many example Actors. To view any of the Java source files, simply click on them.

To compile choose Compile Project from the Project menu.

To execute any of the example actors pass the examples actors fully quailified name as actor parameter to the class:

 java -actor NAME-OF-ACTOR
To start for example the FourGreenYellow actor from the theaterEx.bouncer package use:
  java -actor theaterEx.bouncer.FourGreenYellow  

Last Updated: Aug 2007